What is jnvilo.com?

jnvilo.com is a technology sysadmin resource website and is also my (Jason Viloria) personal website. It started out as a cgi script written in perl , storing the blog entries in text files under the domain name jasonlinux.com. I wrote the first iteration of jasonlinux.com in 2002 and then migrated to jnvilo.com in 2007. In the course of a decade, I moved from perl, to php and now currently python. I have removed much of the old contents keeping only the latest years updates so in effect this is a new website.

What does jnvilo stand for?

jnvilo is an abbreviation of my name and surname concatinated together. It was my first unix account name. In 1996 I was given a unix account at the university of Malta and the account was "jnvilo". I don't use it anymore as a username of course so there is no need to try brute forcing any servers you think I have access to with that username.

What is your motivation for maintaining this website?

I am a sysadmin throughout my career although nowadays I do more system architecture design and deployment rather than daily sysadmin operations work. As a result since I started I have always kept some form of documentation website or wiki. This website serves as my wiki. Also I have always been a wannabe webmaster and developer. I actually spend a lot of time as a python developer at my workplace nowadays, writing python code to maintain our in house cloud infrastructure and automation. JNVILO.,com acts as a pet project where I try out webdev. It runs on a custom cms.